Thursday, 16 March 2017

Prince Kijanangoma of Toro unveils his bride

Prince Kijanangoma of Toro unveils his bride
Prince  David Kijanangoma 49, of Toro, who has been  giving the king of Toro Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV sleepless nights  over the throne has finally got Omugo( Queen) to warm his cold nights. Hope Mafaranga caught up with the couple having a good time at Grand Imperial Hotel in Kampala.
Kijanangoma’s side.

Agatha Namara has really melted my heart. She is so special to me and close to my heart, soul and body. In fact I cannot take a day without talking to her.
Honestly she is the true missing part of my body.  I miss her every second that I am not with her and I cannot wait for December 23, 2017 the day we will be declared husband and wife.
That day, my heart will be at peace because it will make a seal that she is mine forever.
One first day I saw her at her uncle’s place, my heart missed a beat, I immediately knew that she is the one I have been longing for. Her natural beauty, cute smile, communication skills and her character struck me.  I am 49 years and I have never felt this way, Hope I swear I was moved and I had to no choice but to ask for her contact.
 We kept on communicating and getting together and we are set for a real Royal Wedding. We have set out February 11, as our first visitation  to her family in Kasunga , Mwenge, Kyenjojo district, our introduction  will take place  on July 22 while December 23, 2017  will be the beginning our journey officially.
I had rejected four girls from whom clan leaders had identified for me from the Basiita, Abagumba   and Abagahi clans, not because they weren’t beautiful but I want to fall in love naturally.
  After knowing her, the clan leaders and some other senior members of the royal family investigated her clan (Musaigi) and her family and they confirmed to me that she was an upright girl, from a respectable family that treasures the norms and culture of Toro.
Apart from Omukama Patrick David Matthew Kaboyo Olimi III (the father of the current king Oyo) who married in Butuku in Ntoroko district, all the past kings of Toro married from Mwenge because Mwenge women are respective, hardworking and have Toro at heart. Namara is also related to Omugo Kezia ( the grandmother of King Oyo).

Omugo Kezia was a good woman and a perfect queen, that’s why Namara is being groomed from her relatives to internalise the norms and cultural matters of Toro.
I know it has taken me long to find someone to spend the rest of my life with but I wanted to find my own queen, good enough there she is.
I have been in and out of relationships which resulted into four beautiful kids aged 10, 8, 6 and 3 from three difference women but all did not work.
I am glad I found Namara my very last one. In fact she has promised to give me more six children which is superb.  
Cultural wise she is not supposed to cook, but once in while I would love to taste her food. She is my queen I will also cook for her American dishes once in a while.
Asked if he is setting an example for his young brother Omukama Oyo; “Marriage is a lifetime commitment and i think my brother Oyo is still young.
I would not even spare anyone who is forcing him to get married against his choice and decision. This will help him not to make mistakes his sister Ruth Komuntale made.
 I know many girls out there are dying for him and he will soon get pressure from the royal family to get Omugo but I would advise him to take his time and get someone his heart truly desires.
 Matters of the heart are too complicated to tell and no one can feel for you the person you are going to love, to cherish, a mother of your children and of course a queen.  It is in order for him to have a critical eye and thought about the love of his life.
  What Namara
I used to work with Alliance Motion Global and we had travelled to Fort Portal for a workshop, I went to check on my uncle at Allan Resort and that where I found the prince. The Prince and my uncle are friends.
That was the first time I met him in June, he asked for my number and I just gave it to him and never thought it was the start my journey of being his wife. (Kijanangoma interferes) No Sweetie, the mothers of my children will have to know the limit.
I love his calmness, affection, kindness and maturity. I feel so honored to be his wife because I know many girls out there would have wanted him but he made his choice to make me his queen. Why would not I be happy?
 I am not bothered about his age because at this time I am very sure he is ready to settle and not a player.
He told me about his four children from his previous relationships and I am okay with it. I will be a good mother to his children and add him 6. However I would feel jealous if he is over communicating with their others.
After all I also grew up with a step mother and I do not see any reason to why I should not bring other women’s children up.
Some people are saying he is not rich, but that is not important to me, God will provide for us and the most important thing is love. We truly love each other, we communicate a lot, we trust each other so much and that is the foundation of our relationship.
Namara went to St Joseph Primary School, Nsyambya , then attended Bukulula SSS in Masaka after senior four she joined YMCA for a certificate in Travel and Tourism, she continued to attain a diploma in Travel and Tourism Management from  the same institution and she is waiting to graduate.
 I know it will be easy to be his wife being that so many things come with royalty. However I am prepared to make him a proud man because I love him.
 The only thing I am so scared about is the media because I am not used of publicity. The good thing is that my Prince has been in the limelight for long and he is doing a job in mentoring to get used to cameras and any preparing for any good or bad publicity that will come along being his wife.
He is very supportive.  

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